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From day one, GoldFish have chosen to carve their own path to success
instead of taking shortcuts, an ambitious mindset that has already inspired four award-winning albums.
But today, this Electronic Music duo has raised the bar even higher with a body of work that’s kaleidoscopic
and unified like a great night out should be. ‘Late Night People’ is here.
Following MTV Africa Award winning album ‘Three Second Memory’, fifth album ‘Late Night People’ radiates a
sense of coming home, of discovering a piece of the world that has yet remained unclaimed and untainted.
Between its funky and sexy title track, the upbeat ‘If I Could Find’ and the ever-vibrant ‘Rising Sun’ (with Pontifexx
and Gustavo Bertoni), the album harbors twelve records that are as diverse as they are alike, coexisting
Loved for their innovative live performances and cheeky animated music videos, GoldFish have also added
something extra in support of their album release. Alongside long-time collaborator and animation expert Mike
Scott (Disney, Nickelodeon/Cartoon Brew), they seized the opportunity to launch another one or their outspoken,
yet comical music videos, once again sharing their own view on the current state of the electronic music industry.
It proves a brilliant video brimming with entertainment and social commentary, just like their music.